FNB, providing gesture-based banking

First National Bank (FNB) is one of the top three banking institutions in South Africa.This prestigious position in a competitive economic market has been attained not only because of the financial security offered by this bank but also by the cutting edge innovation offered through its products and services. In order to meet client expectations and live up to this hard-earned status, FNB has become the first bank in South Africa to launch a cashless branch in form of interactive gesture technology in its flagship canal walk store.

This gesture technology is a motion sensor technology which recognises the movement of shoppers who pass by the store front, it then prompts messaging and allows those who choose to interact with the screen to explore FNB banking products and services. The great benefit to customers is that they can apply for an account 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

The system also allows customers to view the cheque accounts and smart devices offered by FNB and instantly apply for them. A cheque account and smart device bundle can be selected on the spot by gesture browsing through a catalogue of the products available. Once a customer has made a choice, a unique code is displayed on the screen that the customer sends via sms. These steps conclude the logging of an application in less than 5 minutes. The follow-up call by a consultant within a period of 24 hours only serves the purpose of activation.

FNB has once again proven what it takes to pass on the benefits of technology and convenience in banking.

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