SA motor loans

Motor vehicle ownership in a fast developing economy like South Africa is a necessity in both individual or business capacities. Vehicles provide individuals with the convenience of transportation and movement while they also help business houses to ease operations. At the heart of these benefits is the aspect of  affordability. One business house which is providing answers to this affordability question is SA motor loans.

SA motor loans has become a leader in providing motor vehicle loans through out South Africa. This business house specialises in many areas of finance ranging from cars, motorbikes, large truck and trailer vehicles as well as commercial and business vehicle loans.

The loans offered by this financing house go up to R250,000 at the best  market interest rates and flexible repayment terms.The application process is also fast and efficient with no face to face interviews or long detailed paperwork to complete. By filling in the online form and faxing relevant documents, the application is processed with feedback provided expeditiously.The added good news is that blacklisted customers are also given the necessary assistance. For affordability reasons, those who are married, engaged or living together are advised to file a combined application.
SA motor loans finance calculator can be found here

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