Top Small business investment opportunities in South Africa

Investment opportunities – South Africa has a fast growing economy. This growth provides untapped business opportunities for investors with insight into the right investment avenues to explore and possible returns available. The list below tries to highlight some of these opportunities:

Real estate – The real estate sector is one of the most lucrative in the South African economy. This is because as a growing country, demand for land, houses and other facilities by individuals and businesses is booming. For those with little capital, dealing in low-cost land and housing units is the way to go while those with higher capital can invest in large expanses of land as well as housing estates.

Clothing and textiles – Demand for South African made clothing and textile products is high not only in locally but also in neighboring countries. The textile industry therefore promises lots of returns for investors.

Food processing – There are a number of processed food manufacturers in South Africa but the demand is still huge. There are a number of products to choose from such as fruits, vegetables, juice, animal products etc.

Agriculture – South Africa has a wide expanse of land which can be utilised for agriculture and meet the ever-growing demand for agriculture products.With low capital, you can cultivate selected crops on a small piece of land or rear animals such as fish or poultry. With larger capital, you can cultivate a wide range of crops too at a commercial level.

E-commerce – The internet age has exploded and affected every sector of the economy. More and more people are therefore buying goods and services online. An online retail business in this regard is therefore a good business idea.

Foreign cuisine – South Africa is home to many expatriates and tourists who visit the country annually from different parts of the world. Restaurant business that offers various foreign cuisines such as Italian delicacies, Chinese delicacies, American delicacies etc is therefore profitable.

Technology products – Technology products such as  PCs, smartphones and tablets are in huge demand in South Africa. Profit can be made from selling latest products by global brands such as Apple, Samsung, Sony etc. In addition to these products, one can also sell their accessories and render repair services if you have the expertise.

Tourism – South Africa records thousands of tourists every year to come and experience the country’s rich cultural heritage, beautiful scenaries, lush landscapes etc. A small business established to cater for the many needs of these tourists will always bring good returns.

The above listed business ideas should provide enough options for those who wish to step into the world of entrepreneurship.


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