Telkom Wi-Fi Deals

Telkom Wi-Fi Deals

If you sign up with Telkom Wi-Fi deals, you can get free Wi-Fi. Whether you are on prepaid, contract of on another network, Telkom will help you stay connected. If you are on pre-paid, you will receive a free Wi-Fi bundle each time you recharge. Pre-paid allows you to manage your spending, but when you need more bundles, you have the opportunity to purchase more. The bundles are available as follow:

  • An extras 30 minute bundle will cost you R15.
  • An extra 60 minutes will cost you R25.

Telkom awards their client in different ways, which include:

  • If you want seven days unlimited Wi-Fi access, you only need to recharge with R50 – R99, 99. This transaction will also give you and extra 2 GB cap to use over the seven-day period.
  • If you want 30 days of unlimited access to Wi-Fi, recharge from R100. This deal also includes an extra 10 GB that you can use.

If you prefer a contract, you will be glad to know that unlimited Wi-Fi access that does not cost anything, is available on some Telkom Mobile contracts and therefore allow subscribers free access to internet when visiting any Telkom Mobile hotspot where you get Wi-Fi. If you should run out of bundles, you do have the option of purchasing more Wi-Fi bundles at the best price.

So, what happens when you are still on competing network? Telkom Mobile grants anyone 30 minutes of free Wi-Fi every day when entering a Telkom Wi-Fi hotspot. If you have run out of Wi-Fi bundles after using the free minutes, you can purchase more bundles with your credit card, as simple as that.

Telkom understands that everyone needs to stay connected but that you should not pay an arm and a leg to do so. When you switch to Telkom Mobile, you will not only get the best deals on voice packages, but you will have access to the internet all the time.


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