China for many years was famously known around the world for having huge population numbers. However China over the years has managed to convert this rich human resource into national economic wealth. This wealth has enabled  China to wield enormous economic influence around the world including Africa. One institution which is at the forefront of the Chinese economic influence is the China Construction Bank (CCB).

China Construction Bank is a state owned commercial bank with headquarters in Beijing and a strong presence in major international financial centers. Established in 1954 with the initial responsibility of implementing the national economic plan, this stable financial institution has grown into diverse banking avenues offering products and services such as credit loans, household savings deposit, foreign exchange services, credit cards, housing as well as  mortgage financing.

In South Africa,China Construction Bank (CCB) Johannesburg branch got registered with the South African Reserve Bank in the year 2000 and became operational the same year. The CCB branch in South Africa has specialised in offering merchant, wholesale and investment banking products and services to the South African business community. CCB Johannesburg has also been at the center of promoting bi-lateral trade and investment between South Africa, the Southern African Development Community (SADC), China as well as other global business opportunities.

China Construction Bank is indeed a strong global financial service provider. Clients can contact this bank on 011 520 9422.