The rapid establishment of micro and macro lending houses in South Africa has created the need for effective credit management solutions. This need is what brought Ke concepts on the business scene. Ke concepts was established in 1998 in Johannesburg with a vision of being the provider of tailored and cost-effective management and lending solutions. Ke concepts has committed itself to aiding customers to unlock their own potential to develop competitive advantage through the provision of innovative credit services. Ke concepts has since specialised in the provision of services such as the front office origination, the back office reporting and soft collection arrears management.

The front office origination is designed to streamline, automate and manage origination, risk assessment and disbursement processes related to processing individual and commercial credit applications. The front office application is extremely flexible and caters for a broad range of financial products. It enables customers to select the most convenient manner to interact with the lending organisation, be it in a self-service mode across the internet, in store, telephonically, via SMS, in the comfort of their own home or workplace.

Back office manages the entire life cycle of the financial instrument focusing on the raising, tracking and receiving of instalments and associated fees collected from financial and third-party organisations. At the core of the application is a robust rules-based multi-currency transaction engine that records each journal processed against the debtors account. The automation of transactions dramatically reduces associated administration overheads.

Soft collections which are also called arrears management uses embedded iterative processes to sucessfully rehabilitate defaulting debtors. This module accomodates both inbound and outbound calls and can be intergrated into telephony and voice recording systems. Matters are allocated to specialised collection inboxes where tailored rehabilitation strategies can be applied. Intelligent filters segment defaulting debtors into priority ordered work queues.

Ke concepts can be contacted on 0115145900.