All You Need to Know about Online Car Insurance

All You Need to Know about Online Car Insurance

Why get car insurance?

Getting car insurance is a simple way to lower the risk of facing financial ruin in the event of an accident, theft or damage caused to your car by fire, hail or water.

In South Africa, the poor condition of many roads is a good reason to make sure that you have car insurance. The havoc on the road caused by potholes is a daily occurrence. Add to this, the fact that only about 35% of South African motorists are insured and you have a clear recipe for disaster when accidents occur.

What you need to know about online car insurance:

By comparing online car insurance you have access to a wide array of insurance providers. You can compare thoroughly and make sure that you get the right insurance cover to meet your needs.

Getting online car insurance often means that you can make significant savings. For starters, overhead costs are eliminated by the online platform, which often means that discounts can be extended to you.

The first step when searching for online car insurance is making sure that you have the right insurance cover for your needs.

Consider numerous factors that may affect your insurance premium. These include factors like your age, your gender, where you live, the number of claims you’ve had, the type of car that you drive, safety features fitted on your car, accident prevention training you may have had, multiple policies, your credit score, as well as your choice of payment plan.

Before you buy a policy, it’s important to research the insurance company thoroughly. You need to make sure that you choose an insurance provider that is in good financial standing, so that you have sufficient cover in the event of a claim.


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