Prevance Finance

Fill the Gap between your Property Transactions

If you are selling your home or applying for a second bond or you’re an Estate agent who often experiences cash flow problems due to erratic property sales.

Prevance Finance provide bridging finance solutions nationwide for property transactions assisting you in accessing monies that are determined and will be payable to you at a future date.

How? By receiving an Advance, a cash injection of funds when it is needed most on the bridging services that Prevance Finance currently offer which include:

  • Sellers Equity Advance and Advance on transfer duty and rates – If you sold your home you can receive your money now or finance rates and taxes and other services to obtain the clearance certificate for your property transfer.
  • An Advance on Bond and bond switching – You no longer have to wait on the deeds office as you can receive your payout once the bond documents have been signed.
  • Whilst Estate Agencies can focus on their sales by receiving an Advance of Estate Agent Commission against their commissions until registration of transfer.

Advances are paid once all the contractual obligations and the suspensive conditions of underlying transaction are fulfilled.

Apply now and receive your money with no more delays!

How to Apply

Get finance today call Prevance on 0860 987 987. Once the application is accepted you’ll receive your advance payment within a 12 hour turnaround time.

How much can I borrow?

The amount that will be advanced is determined on a deal by deal basis depending on the overall credit assessment for the customer. As a general rule the advance would usually not exceed 80% of the equity realised in the transaction.

How do I repay my Bridging finance loan?

 On settlement a mechanism will be established whereby the conveyancer will repay Prevance directly, placing no further burden on the customer.

Prevance finance head office 6-10 Riviera Office Park, Killarney, Johannesburg

(f) (0)860 987 987

(c) (0)860 987 988



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