Receive instant cash even on bad credit.

It’s made possible with LoanRite – it’s the rite click to make!

If you are in a real need of quick money then you can apply for payday loans online in South Africa. These instant payday loans allow people in South Africa to get fast emergency cash. LoanRite can offer quick instant loans from as little as R 1,000 to as much as R 3,000 or more.

 How to Apply for a Payday Loan Online?

Fill up easy online form at our website in just 2 minutes, and submit it. Your request will be approved in 24 hours, normally no credit checks, and money will be transferred into your bank account. First, you have to meet some basic criteria to apply for payday loans in South Africa. These criteria include requirements as follow:

  • You have to be a South African citizen.
  • You should be an adult over 18 years old.
  • You should have a regular full time job.
  • You have to have a valid cheque account where your salary is deposited directly.

The Application Process

Applying for a LoanRite loan is simple. No nightmare triplicate paperwork to tackle, no meetings with bank loan officers or cheesy hold music to endure, as our friendly service is online from start to finish. Use our sliders (loan calculator) to decide exactly how much cash you wish to borrow. We’ll show you the full cost of repayment and once you’re happy with everything, we’ll then require some personal and banking information for our super-fast credit check.

As a responsible lender we do not offer same day loans (cash within one hour), as we feel you need to have time to think things through and make sure our loan is really what you need

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