Tips for Government Tenders

Tips for Government Tenders

Government tenders are very lucrative and have continued to empower many people across the country. Without a clear understanding however of the intricacies of this process, it is easy to lose out on great opportunities and consequently cry of foul play. Below are some tips for government tenders.

Supplier databse – The first step for anyone with ambition should be to get on the supplier database. All government departments have a supplier database. Documents required for registration include an original, current and valid tax clearance certificate and a BEE certificate as well as copies of your company registration to prove its existence. The one-stop supplier registration portal – can assist you in getting registered with all government departments at once.

Be informed – Government institutions issue more than 200 tenders and requests for quotation daily. To keep abreast of opportunities in your sector, subscribe to a service that will provide you with regular and up-to-date email notifications for all those tenders.

Date and time – The first thing to do once you have received a notification that there is a tender in a specific department is to confirm when and where you can pick up the tender documents. Then identify the process of responding. Will it be by hard copy to be delivered at a tender box, or will it be by electronic submission? Most tenders require hard copy to be physically delivered to a tender box before a specified closing date and time.

Terms and conditions – Attending the tender briefing is always a good idea.This is because you will get better insight into what is expected of the successful bidder and can then make an informed decision on whether to apply for the tender in the first place, and what to highlight in the application to increase your chances of success.

Pricing-When evaluating a tender, officials are looking for a tenderer who distinguishes itself from the competition and price. When all is said and done, price is the number one consideration.

Submitting – Failure to submit a tender on time is grounds for disqualification. Government officials will not even bother to open it, so they will never know all the considered information you included in the tender and all the time you took to collate it.

Confirm – It is highly recommended to call and ensure that the person for whom the tender was intended, has received documents. Follow this up with an email just to be on the safe side.

The tips above if used well can serve you right in this process.

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