Jalenca Loans – unsecured lending solutions

Nestled in the Johannesburg suburb of Cresta, Jalenca Loans has been providing instant cash loans to clients since 1998. The micro lender understands the complex local market dynamics and endeavours to consistently provide personalised solutions for its clients. Now with an additional 3 branches operating in northern Johannesburg, Jalenca Loans is able to assist even more individuals with instant cash loans solutions.

Jalenca, which promises “cash in a flash”, is compliant with the National Credit Act. This financial house has a strong belief in responsible lending and ensures all loans are settled within a month. The instant cash loans are provided at a minimum of R300 to a maximum of R2500.

In order to apply, clients need to satisfy these requirements: owning a South African identity document, ability to provide two months’ bank statements and possession of their most recent payslip. Once prospective clients are certain, they have all of the necessary documentation, they can proceed to the online application process. Using the online calculator, applicants are able to calculate the repayment amount. They can then complete the application form, attach relevant supporting documents and await a response via email from Jalenca which usually takes 2 hours.

Jalenca’s agents will then provide fast, friendly and reliable customer service in a personalised manner, thus ensuring maximum customer satisfaction. Clients are advised on whether they qualify or not and are further advised about the need to ensure the loan is repaid within the stipulated repayment period.
Contact Jalenca on 011 478 2427.

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