Loans are available as secured finance and are there to help you out when you’re in a troublesome situation. Find fast little loans online. It’s super-fast and can be done in a few easy steps.

Here are a few of those fast little online loans:


Boodle knows that in life nasty and expensive things can happen. That’s where they come in! Helping you out of any short-term financial problems, it’s just what they do, if you need a cash loan in a blink!

It’s an online lending solution with an application process as safe, thorough, transparent and simple as possible.

GetBucks is an instant online loan website, which promises a loan that can be paid out within the hour.

It’s a super quick and fast way to kick start your short term financial needs. Try it out on your own and see by signing up on the website The short-term micro-lender offers loans from R500 to R4, 000 and up to R8, 000 for existing customers with a repayment period of up to 45 days.

Mula Quick Ching

Get cash when you need it most with Mula Quick Ching for quick and easy short-term loans.

Borrow anything from R500 to R1500 to R2500 in 3 easy steps.

  1. Choose the amount – Use the slider calculator to determine your required loan
  2. Register Online – Fill in the quick application form, only do it once!
  3. Quick ching! – Mulah transferred directly into your bank account