Cash Converters Loans Against Goods

Cash Converters Loans Against Goods

Cash Advance is an instant cash loan against your valuables without having to sell them. There are times when money becomes an issue such that you need to find an alternative way to solve the financial woes you are facing. Fortunately, Cash Converters has a same day cash loan facility that you can use by bringing in anything of value, from jewellery to electronics, as security against your loan.

Cash Advance is an instant cash loan against your valuables, so you can keep the stuff you love & get the cash you need within 15 minutes. The company will store your valuables securely and safely. When you return within one month and repay the Cash Advance loan amount (plus *fees), they will return your belongings to you, just as you left them. It’s that easy.

Here are some quick facts about Cash Converters:

  • Don’t let cash flow problems get you down
  • Come to Cash Converters and get a quick and easy cash loan today.
  • They accept valuables ranging from cell phones and watches to TV’s and power tools.

What you need to bring

  • Bring your used items in good condition and functioning properly
  • Your identity document, driver’s licence, or passport

How it works

  • You bring your valuables into any one of our stores.
  • They discuss your needs with you.
  • They will test the items if necessary.
  • They will offer you a price for your valuables.
  • Upon agreement they will give you your cash and safely store your goods
  • You pay back your loan within one month (what you borrowed, plus *fees )
  • They will return your valuables to you in the same condition.
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