Intercept risk services, online payment risk experts reducing online payment fraud

One of the biggest challenges confronting banking and financial institutions is the increasing number of fraud and theft cases. While the new era of online banking and transactions has positively altered business operations in the financial sector, these online systems have also become targets of fraudsters and cyber criminals. One business entity working towards reducing online payment fraud is Intercept risk services.

Intercept risk services is a global firm with offices in London serving the European and American market as well as offices in South Africa supporting the Sub Saharan Africa and Middle east regions. Intercept risk services provides solutions into Merchants in detecting and managing online fraud. Intercept risk services range of services includes Automated real-time transaction monitoring, Manual review, Risk analysis, Customer Verification and Chargeback management.

The benefits of the monitoring service are that transactions are passed through the TransGuard Risk Engine, where a transaction is filtered through a series of monitoring rules as well as Global Negative databases and 3rd party monitoring tools, the risk monitoring rules that detect the exception transactions are tailored specifically for the merchants business requirements but the merchant also has the ability to upload merchant specific positive and negative lists through which the transactions are filtered.

The Manual review service ensures that after when transactions are filtered through Real-time risk engine, some transactions are flagged as Exception Transactions and filtered into the TransMonitor for further manual investigation. Intercept Risk has a team of skilled risk assessors who operate 24/27 to keep a watchful eye on Merchant transactions, these risk assessors are skilled in international card fraud monitoring techniques and fraudulent trends.

The risk analysis service kicks in once transactions have filtered through the TransGuard Risk Engine, a team of specialist risk analysts gather transactions from each aspect of the customers lifecycle. Using specialist tools and proven pattern detection methods, the risk analyst team piece together further attributes that assist in detection of sophisticated fraudulent attacks.

The customer verification service covers multiple countries. This solution is non-intrusive and has no impact on the customer experience, but provides you the Merchant with assurance that your customer is who they claim to be.

Chargeback management service ensures that Chargeback trends and patterns are regularly monitored ensuring that Intercept Risk is always ahead of ever-changing Fraudster techniques.

Intercept Risk Services is indeed ahead of the ever-changing pace and direction of fraud trends. They can be contacted on 0214272600.

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