MAC consulting

Micro or macro economic development and sound business management entails pursuing growth, addressing operational issues, reshaping the organisation or recasting the entire business if need. The desire to cultivate these management elements is what brought MAC consulting on the business scene. MAC consulting specialises in the provision of a broad spectrum of consulting services from vision and strategy to detailed design, from implementation and capacity building to realising and sustaining value.

MAC has for the last 20 years been a reliable consulting firm for business firms predominantly in the mining and resources sector as well as blue-chip clients. With many more sectors being targeted, MAC continues to assist companies deal with strategic and operational challenges such as coping with government legislation and regulations, managing growth and globalisation, meeting and exceeding investor expectations, uplifting people and their performances, moving down the cost curve, leveraging new technologies and adjusting to a low-carbon economy.

Drawing its strength from a global pool of skilled professionals and industry specific practices coupled with extensive experience in implementing solutions across various sectors, MAC is uniquely positioned to assist clients with management challenges.

MAC consulting can be contacted on 0115371800.

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