Countrywide Loans – Quality Loan Origination Services

Countrywide Loans – Quality Loan Origination Services

Countrywide Loans is a unique loan origination service provider. This institution provides blacklisted individuals with loan options for their financial needs. Countrywide Loans assists blacklisted persons to apply for personal loans.  Countrywide Loans has facilities with 12 different financial institutions that are willing to provide finance to individuals with poor credit ratings. The institution does this by submitting your application to numerous financial institutions on your behalf. This saves you time and gives you a better chance of getting a loan suited to your needs.

Countrywide Loans is able to source loans from R5000 to a maximum of R150 000. Repayments with Countrywide Loans’ lending partners range from 6 to 60 months.

Countrywide Loans provides transparent services to clients. Before the application is processed, Countrywide Loans notifies clients that a fee is charged for services.

The institution sources unsecured personal loan solutions, so applicants don’ have to worry about putting any collateral up for the loans.

In an effort to provide its clients with unique solutions, Countrywide Loans also offers Rent-to-own vehicle solutions. They are able to find you a vehicle option that allows you to rent a vehicle and pay a monthly instalment which will go towards you eventually purchasing the vehicle. As a blacklisted individual this solution may be ideal for your needs. Getting a vehicle without a good credit record is a steep challenge as not many institutions are willing to lend to you.

To find out how you can benefit from Countrywide Loans give them a call here: 014 592 6751

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