SA Home Loans – Debt consolidation loan guidelines

The National Credit Regulator(NCR) clamp-down on lending regulations has concerned many individuals and financial institutions in recent times. It’s not without cause.
SA Home Loans aims to offer individualised, amazing service while catering for home owner’s needs. We also want to provide the best available options for our clients.

Statistics show that between April and July 2013 just over ten million South Africans applied for loans. Of these applications, 58.28% were rejected. The headlines screaming “South Africans are struggling to pay off debt” have entrenched the idea further.

Some have resorted to other means of meeting their debt obligations. One of these methods fast gaining traction in this country- is Debt Consolidation.
Debt Consolidation can be regarded as a kind of “debt displacement.” What this means is that if you have multiple debts you have the option ofpaying them off using one large loan.
Although critics maintain that this option fails to solve any debt issues (because the debt is still there- it’s just shifted) the appeal for many consumers lies in lower overall average interest rates as well as reduced monthly repayments.

On the positive side, paying off your short-term debt by using debt consolidation essentially means you’re saving more money, which would have likely been paying off service charges and other fees. Essentially, this increases your cash flow, but on the negative side, this could extend your repayment period for much longer.
As with any debt obligations, debt consolidation requires great discipline. This could pay off by saving you thousands a month. It also works for you by helping you keep track of your finances.

When considering debt consolidation, consider the following criteria: You’ll need to have a good credit record and you’ll need to be earning a certain minimum salary to be considered.

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