Standard Bank Blue Bean Credit Card Increase Limit

Standard Bank Blue Bean Credit Card Increase Limit

 Standard Bank offers South Africans a quality, affordable credit card through the Blue Bean Credit Card.  

What benefits are offered by Blue Bean Credit Cards?

  • There are no transaction fees charged on purchases
  • The card can be used for fuel purchases
  • You can design your own Blue Bean credit card
  • You can get up to 55 days of interest-free credit for balances paid in full
  • A budget facility is available
  • There is a balance transfer option
  • A credit protection plan is included, to cover the outstanding debt in the unfortunate event of death, retrenchment or critical illness.
  • Clients also get free lost card protection, so they are not held liable for any purchases made on their card if reported stolen.
  • Credit card holders also benefit from basic automatic travel insurance.

Having a Credit Card means that you have a certain limit that comes along with it. You have the option to choose between the Straight or Budget facility. Your Blue Bean Credit Card has one limit.

The credit card gives you the freedom to decide how your limit should be divided.

The Straight facility is specifically for everyday spending as well as for cash withdrawal at any ATM.

The Budget facility is used for purchases and cash withdrawals. You can choose to repay the amount in 6 or 60 months.

As a Standard Bank Blue Bean Credit card owner, your budget instalments are included in the minimum payment. In addition, your budget facility purchases are listed separately on your monthly statements.

Interest is charged from the date of the purchase.

When can you increase your Standard Bank Blue Bean Credit Card limit?

  • You can apply for an increase after six months
  • Increases are based on your Blue Bean Credit Card history
  • You can also apply for a temporary limit increase for a specific period. The limit will then change back at the end of the specified period.

To see if you qualify, call the Standard Bank Blue Bean Credit Card division on: 0860 121 131 or send an email to



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