Reporting Your FNB Lost Card

Reporting Your FNB Lost Card

We all know just how convenient a bank card is, as it allows you to make purchases at any till point, as well as withdraw money from any ATM. But they may unfortunately also come a time when you called kids children, and you should know how and when to report this. 

As an FNB customer, there are specific steps. You can follow, starting with a number that you can dial to report your lost or stolen card. The number that you can dial is 087 575 1111 and you can replace your lost bankcard 24 hours a day. This means is your court will immediately be cancelled and this will prevent people from withdrawing money from your bank account. But it is very important that you do this as soon as possible as criminals are becoming more and more sophisticated.

but there are always a few things that you can do to ensure that you keep your bankcard a safe as possible and reduce the chances of your quad being lost or stolen.first rule is to never let your card go out of your sight, not even for a moment. Always card your card with you and if you have to give your card to an attendant, make sure that you go everywhere that your card goes.

Never give your PIN number to anyone, and never write it down anywhere. When you are at the ATM don’t accept help from anyone as this will make you very easy targets for criminals. Also, never respond to e-mails that ask you for your account details or your pin number as your bank will never ask you for this information and the e-mail will likely be fake.

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