Comparing FNB Home Loans to the Top 5 Banks in SA

Comparing FNB Home Loans to the Top 5 Banks in SA

FNB offers a variety of home loans to their clients, including a traditional home loan where you can finance the purchase of a residential property. They offer optional extras when you take out a home loan, like the option of further lending, home owner’s cover and a flexi option. They also have a building loan that is ideal for building your dream home.

Standard Bank offers home loans with benefits like the ability to get a loan of up to 104% of the value of the property, if it does not exceed R1 million. The additional percentage may be used to pay off transfer and bond registration costs. You can repay your loan over 20 years.

Nedbank offers an ordinary home loan, or a building loan if you want to build your dream home. They also offer a HomeVision option if you want excess funds available to use at a later stage. This is a great option for people who want to make sure they have excess funds when they need it.

African Bank allows you to apply for credit online, making it easy to see what you may qualify for. You simply need to provide your basic information and you will receive an immediate offer, should you qualify. Should you wish to take up the offer, a consultant will contact you to complete the offer.

Captiec bank offers loans to their clients and you can apply online. If you are looking for a home loan, visit Capitec’s website and enter your details. You’ll get an idea of what you’ll have to repay and can contact a consultant to finalize your application. Capitec offers great interest rates and enables their clients to take out a home loan to purchase their property affordably.

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