Cresco project finance

Cresco project finance is an authorised agent for MIGA, the World Bank Group’s political risk insurance agency. Established in 2005 on a philosophy of entrepreneur thinking, this project development consortium offers clients feasibility studies, finance structuring as well as funding and construction. Services from this firm are offered to clients engaged in the acquisition, development and financing of projects across all industry sectors, within South Africa and Africa.

Cresco project finance model is categorised into project finance, financial modelling, due diligence and valuations as well as disbursement and implementation support. Project finance is applied in order to avoid the negative cost and time implications of revisiting.This involves pre-funding and post funding with factors such as concept, pre-feasibility, bankable feasibility, strategy and structuring all involved.

Financial modelling is done by a team of experts using best practices that provide clients with easy to use, flexible, transparent and robust tools to support and enhance business decisions, strategies, negotiations and transactions. These models are built in the context of medium to large-scale public private partnerships, as well as private sector projects.

Due diligence processes are done on behalf of both equity and debt providers across various industries and Cresco can manage and coordinate the due diligence process of sponsors or potential investors interested in providing finance for a project.

Disbursement and implementation support ensures that the necessary systems and procedures are in place for the smooth drawdown of the funds. This is done through disbursement support, agreement implementation, refinancing advice, restructuring services and specialised finance services.

Cresco project finance can be contacted on 0126633660.

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