Blue Home loans

Blue Home loans – Buying property is one of the most important purchases and investment an individual can make. Home ownership sets a good foundation for wise investment decisions and individuals have peace of mind knowing that they have a roof over their heads. Home ownership however comes with its own set of challenges.

Besides paying a bond, individuals need to consider maintenance costs that come with home ownership. Renovating property or extending it is a great way of enhancing the property’s value. With the cost of living and other expenses sky-rocketing, it’s not always possible to do these renovations using cash. Finding a credit provider for these reasons is always helpful. A credit provider which seeks to service this market with high standards of quality is Blue Financial Services.

Blue Financial Services’ Home improvement loans are devised for the purposes of assisting clients with seamless home renovations. This is often a better option than having to deal with the additional costs of setting up and buying a new home.

Blue Home Improvement Loans range from a low amount of R1,000 to R50,000.

It’s the company’s goal to provide specific finance to enable a smooth renovation experience for the client. It’s for this reason that Blue Home Improvement Loans institution has partnered with Cashbuild and other authorised building suppliers to guarantee the best possible deals on products. To simplify things for clients, the loan is loaded onto a loyalty card, which can be used at the clients’ convenience to purchase materials from these suppliers.

For simple home improvement finance options, call Blue Financial Services on: 012 990 4300.

Blue Home loans

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