Trustco group holdings

Trustco is a multi-faceted financial company with roots which can be traced back to Namibian but whose vision is to become an African financial powerhouse. This firm has a unique business model which it combines with futuristic technology to achieve the desired results.Trustco business operations are focused on four segments which are Insurance, Education, Finance and properties.

The insurance side of the business is set on providing affordable and accessible products to ordinary people. Products offered include legal shield, hospital insurance, business and labour product tailored for SMEs as well as the death cover. Trustco education comprises of the education institute for open learning. This wing of the business generates educational opportunities for students  by providing quality distance education with access to affordable financing. Since inception, it has enrolled 46,000 students.

Finance segment of the business offers student finance and mortgages. Student finance is offered in form of loans and has been tailored for low-income consumers who can’t access finance at conventional financial institutions. This credit facility has gone a long way in equipping young upcoming professionals from previously disadvantaged backgrounds. Mortgage finance component finances the purchase price of land via the registration of a first mortgage bond to qualifying purchases and against appropriate security. Trustco property segment remains a key business driver with its industrial, commercial and residential property portfolio.

Trustco can be contacted on 0113319991.

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