OUTsurance Products

OUTsurance Products

OUTsurance offers affordable insurance that has numerous benefits. Their insurance products includes car-, home-, business- and life insurance. Let’s take a closer look at the different types of insurance products that OUTsurance offers.

Car Insurance

Car insurance includes comprehensive cover, as well as limited cover, and essential insurance. With comprehensive insurance, your vehicle will be covered against accidental damage; damage caused by fire or any act of nature; theft; hijacking; intentional damage; and you’ll also enjoy cover in cases where you can be held legally liable for causing damage or injury to someone else or to their property.

Home Insurance

Home insurance consists of content insurance, buildings insurance, or OUT-and-About insurance.  With contents insurance, your home contents insurance package will cover damage to your household contents caused by theft, acts of nature (such as lightning, storm, flood or snow) as well as damage caused by fire, power surges and subsidence. OUT-and-About insurance covers your personal possessions which you take out of the house; typically this includes clothing, jewellery, cell phones and photographic equipment.

Business Insurance

With OUTsurance you get business insurance that includes car/fleet insurance buildings insurance, and contents insurance. Their buildings insurance package covers the building itself, the outbuildings, as well as all your permanent fixtures, fittings or any improvements made to the building. The entire structure, including patios, gate motors and underground pipes are covered.

Life Insurance

Their fully underwritten life insurance product provides you with comprehensive death, disability and critical illness cover, with a variety of options regarding inflationary increases to your cover and your premiums. If you’ve selected death cover, you’ll receive 50% of the total insured amount (up to a maximum of R1 million) if you’re diagnosed with a terminal illness with less than a year to live.

OUTsurance also have various benefits to offer policy holders, including:

  • No proportionate excesses, ever. Only the fixed excess amount will apply.
  • No sudden premium increases – your premium stays fixed for 12 months at a time.
  • In the case of personal and business insurance, you’ll receive 10% of your insurance premiums back in cash if you remain claim free for a period of three consecutive years – also known as the OUTbonus.
  • If you’ve insured your car or home, you’ll automatically enjoy free Help@OUT emergency roadside and home assistance, available 24/7.
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