It has been established that poverty alleviation around the African continent has been hampered by inadequate tools and opportunities given to women.While empowerment opportunities have not been given to this group of people, statistic show that they account for 51.3% of the population.This background has necessitated the creation of women empowerment platforms especially in the world of business and finance. One institution playing a major role in this regard is Women Investment Portfolio Holdings Limited (WIPHOLD).

WIPHOLD is an investment and operating company owned by black women and dedicated to the empowerment of black women. Estbalished in 1994, this firms operational investments are concentrated in the financial, infrastructure and resources sectors, with financial services comprising the bulk of the portfolio. Strategic and value investments are more widely diversified, something the group is now also aiming for with its operational investments. Investments in the financial sector are dominated by strategic partnerships with banking and financial services giants.

The empowerment of women is not just a local issue. The company hopes to be a catalyst for change in the global environment, and also has a goal to aggressively grow it’s net asset value and  envisageS opportunities outside South Africa driving this growth.
WIPHOLD can be contacted on 0117153600.