Horizon equity partners was established in 1992. Today this tested and trusted equity business firm has gone on to manage over 50 private equity investments with a business investment footprint stretching into over 30 companies. Horizon equity has also managed over the years to support a number of successful JSE listings earning a reputation as a leading provider of development and buyout capital to small and medium-sized enterprises.

Horizon equity has a friendly and flexible investment strategy which allows them to invest amounts ranging from R10m to R100m into private South African companies who could be at different stages of the development cycle such as early stage, pre-listing and even management buyouts. Horizon equity is also able to organise and lead syndications with other venture capital firms for larger investments.

Horizon has also adopted a business centric approach rather than a transaction centric one. This allows Horizon equity to seek long-term relationships, invest in companies where there is a chance of adding value and share risks and rewards. Using the same approach, Horizon equity always invests as a minority shareholder and only takes majority shareholding in exceptional circumstances.

By partnering with Horizon equity, businesses will be assured of dealing with a team of seasoned private equity practitioners, unique business centric approach, an equity firm focused on delivering developmental benefits as well as financial returns and a truly independently owned fund managers firm.

Horizon equity can be contacted on 0115026940.