Phatisa,Feeding and Housing Africa

Phatisa,Feeding and Housing Africa

Africa is a continent on the rise with huge economic and social prospects.A decade ago,African countries were among the beneficiaries of a broader boom in investment in emerging markets worldwide. Currently, many private equity funds are making Africa a primary target and record amounts are being raised to invest in businesses. African entrepreneurs now boast about being approached by one of the many private-equity investors scouring the continent. One institution making a difference in this regard is Phatisa.

Phatisa is an African business firm that has established itself with deep roots in private equity with many years of financial and operational experience,industry knowledge,business acumen, well established reputation and reliable networks. Phatisa invests in transactions such as management buy-outs and buy-ins, acquisitions, expansions, early stage equity as well as out-grower and smallholder developments.

Critical focus areas can be broken down into food and agriculture,primary as well as secondary and tertiary. Primary agriculture encompasses arable land development, cereals, staples, dairy and livestock farming, fruit and vegetables,ranching, plantations and edible oils. Secondary agriculture includes maize and wheat milling, soya processing, sugar milling and refining, production of animal feeds, beverages and branded foods as well as packaging.Tertiary agriculture extends to services and infrastructure including logistics, storage, seeds, subcontracting, physical inputs, crop protection, imput financing and fertilizer.

Phatisa seeks to invest in companies that satisfy requirements such as a minimum investment requirement of US$5 million and maximum of US$24 million, an experienced management team with a compelling vision for the business and a willingness to collaborate with a financial investor, a proven financial and operational track record and potential for future growth, a commitment to transparency and proven sustainable industry competitive advantages, realistic valuation and an ability to achieve a profitable liquidity event in the medium term.

Phatisa can be contacted on 0114631920.

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