Invenfin, venture capital drivers

The ability to conveniently and expeditiously find capital finance has been identified through different research projects to be key to rejuvenating or growing micro or macro economic status of an economy. In the absence of good funding models, great and  innovative business models and ideas have often collapsed. In South Africa, Invenfin is the organisation playing a critical role in this regard.

Invenfin is a venture capital fund which is interested in providing early stage venture capital as well as the supporting skills and networks as well as strategic advise required by start-up businesses to increase their chance of success. With an established global footprint and track record, Invenfin takes interest in all kinds of innovation across sectors. Invenfins innovation interests may concern a new product, process, software innovation, device, technology or business model.

While Invenfins open door investment policy entails that both small and big business ideas be embraced, it is important to note that Invenfin is very keen on sound intellectual property that demonstrates the innovative ability to address real global needs especially that Invenfin invests in the commercialisation of intellectual property rather than buildings and factories. This therefore means there must be a real need for your product or its application.

Invenfin is indeed adding value to innovative business ideas and investments. Invenfin can be contacted on 0218883355.

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