How to Prepare for Credit Card Skimming Tactics

How to Prepare for Credit Card Skimming Tactics

What are skimmers?

Skimmers are malicious card readers that steal the data off the card’s magnetic stripe. 

A typical ATM skimmer is a device smaller than a deck of cards that fits over the existing card reader.

There are ways to prepare for credit card skimming tactics: 

Check for tampering at any ATMs you use.

Shield you hand when typing your PIN.

Keep in mind that ATMs inside banks are generally safer.

Consider using ApplePay, Samsung Pay or Android Pay. These services tokenise your credit card information, so your personal information is never exposed.

Stay aware whenever you use your credit card, whether at an ATM or when using it for online shopping.

Keep an eye on your debit and credit card transactions. Make sure that you monitor your credit card statement for any fraudulent transactions.

When using an ATM, study the card reader and give it a good tug or shake.

Credit Card skimming tactics are becoming more sophisticated. At an ATM, look around for a place where a hidden camera may be lurking

When making a payment at a restaurant, or a retail store, make sure that you never let your card out of your sight. Make sure that the person swiping your card has nothing else in their hands while they are taking payment from your card.

Ask your bank about pairing geolocation software with your card. This software will prevent scammers from accessing your money if the card is swiped in a location that is different to that of your phone. You can tailor the software to block your credit card at certain points.

Use a notification service, so you receive an SMS whenever there is activity on your credit card. Nowadays you can be even more specific, by asking your bank for a “Card Not Present” notification.

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