Telkom Wireless

Telkom Wireless

You have heard the heard the term and many business and households cannot live without out it…What does the term “wireless” actually mean? In electronics, it is referred to a device or something that works without a physical connection by using a wire or another device. Telkom understands that times have changed and although there is still a place for connecting to the internet with a wire, people have been using wireless technology more and more.

The advance of using Telkom wireless is that you can connect to the internet or receive e-mails anywhere, anytime, which makes your life easier and flexible.

Telkom SmartBroadband Uncapped is a wireless service that offers high-speed wireless broadband service with uncapped data. The technology that supports the Smartbroadband uncapped service is LTE (long term Evolution). This is a step up from 3G technology and offers faster downlink as well as uplink speeds. The downlink speed that you can expect is about 90Mbps while the upload speed is about 25 Mbps. This means that if you are a gamer, uses video streaming, download applications or music, you are going to smile all the way, since it will make these activities so much easier.

In South Africa, Telkom is one of the leading wireless service providers and installation is very easy. The wireless device only needs to be plugged in where afterwards, you can start using it. There are no cables and no installation fees, which allow you to connect instantly.

Each time you use Telkom wireless while using Skype, you can be sure that your calls will not drop or that you will not lose signal. You can also be assured that your bandwidth will not fluctuate.

If you are in need of the an internet connection that is reliable, fast and offered at the best price, Telkom Wireless is your best option.

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