Telkom Data Specials

Telkom Data Specials

If you are looking for fabulous data specials and you are not a Telkom client, you might wat to reconsider switching from your current service provider to Telkom. As from 1 October 2015 until March 2016, all customers with Telkom will receive double their Internet data. This means that all Telkom costumers that are on the largest SoftCap package will now receive one Terabyte of data each month.

After review, Telkom has reduce the prices on top data products. This includes the TOPUp data rates and the promotion on double data does apply to customers on the TopUp package.

Furthermore, the return of the ”TI Entertainment” add on that allows customers to have uncapped data to some content sites like iTunes and online services like BoxOffice for only R99 per month, gives each client the chance to have a very exciting holiday season.

The on-net Telkom Mobile network will be used this summer to leveraging fixed mobile convergence capabilities in order to ensure that each customer who awaits installation or costumers that fall under high fault zones does have the ability to access monthly fixed data allocation in order to connect to the internet.

Cuts in uncapped DSL services are also some of the Telkom data specials that customers are able to enjoy. However, the 2 Mbps, 4 Mbps and the 10 Mbps stand-alone uncapped home account prices do remain the same; prices will be reduced on the uncapped very-high-bit-rate digital subscriber line service. It therefore means that you will only pay R999 for 20 Mbps and R2149 for 100Mbps.

When you buy Telkom data online, look for the Telkom Mobile specials that starts with the word “Promo”. The promo data is purchased the same way online as any Telkom Mobile data.

Telkom is one of the leading communication service provider to our Rainbow Nation and wants to make your summer more fun by letting you stay connected all summer.



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