Telkom Internet Usage

Telkom Internet Usage

If you are using the internet every day, and if you share your computer or data with your teenager, it is best to keep track of your data usage. For this reason, Telkom has created a smart tool, called the Telkom Internet Usage Tracking Tool, so that you can keep tabs of your internet usage at all times.

This tool is very easy to use. As a Telkom custumer, you can simply log on to the Data Usage Portal by using your username and password, which will allow you access to see how much data, has been used.

When you log on to your account, a screen with data usage information will appear. If you are still within your allowance, your remaining data that you still may use will be listed. If you have used all your data, a message will appear that, you have used all your data, but can continue services when you buy extra data bundles.

This tool is very effective to see how much data you use monthly. This can also give you an indication whether your current data bundle package is sufficient, especially if you are using your internet for business purposes.

Certain terms that you will come across when using the Telkom smart tool are:

  • TopUp – TopUp allows you to add more data to your account if have used all your data with a credit card.
  • Postpaid –This is alternative solution to TopUp, especially created for Telkom Internet customers. Postpaid allows you to pay for data used, over and above your basic package. In the event of needing more out of bundle data, it will be charged to your invoice.
  • Do Support Plus – This is a self-help tool was created to help TelkomInternet users to create and setup their own accounts and to resolve any network connectivity problems.
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