Telkom Internet Usage

Telkom Internet Usage

Having an Internet connection at home or office is something that almost cannot live without these days.  But you also want to enjoy an affordable product that gives you all the connectivity unique at an affordable monthly price.

This is why you should consider Telkom internet usage at home or at the office. They offer a variety of data products that can include anything from an ADSL line, all the way to voice product. If you have an office. This is the perfect service provider that can offer you all your voice and data needs, at an affordable price, and the option of having no month-to-month contract.

Getting intimate feel business is sometimes more complicated than simply having Internet at home. You need to know that you have a reliable Internet connection with enough data for your whole business, as well as all the employees to use. But costs are always important so you should consider different plans until you find pricing that suit your needs.

You can consider an offer like the Unlimited Lite Package from Telkom. This offers you unlimited calls to fixed lines as well as unlimited calls to other Telkom mobile numbers and 800 minutes to use for local call networks. Here are the benefits in a nutshell:

  • Unlimited calls to Telkom mobile numbers
  • Unlimited Fixed Line calls (including Telkom and other fixed line operators)
  • 800 minutes to call other local networks
  • Unlimited Wi-Fi (10 GB as per the Fair Usage Policy) as well as the freedom to add optional Data and SMS bundles.

This is perfect for small and medium businesses as it will offer you everything you need to stay connected via the Internet, as well as connecting with customers via your phone.

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