South Africa’s financial and banking sector is at an inflexion point. Changing customer expectations require significant investment. Technology has rendered much of the traditional infrastructure obsolete while enabling superior service, growth and new competition. Financial service providers have therefore come to understand that the operational complexity of the past needs to be addressed to provide the efficient, effective platform for the future. Many service providers have also made hard choices about which customers to service, how to win by rebuilding their organisations around the customer, simply and structurally reduce cost. One service provider at the forefront of this approach is Just Money.

Just Money is a South African financial services provider that acts like an agent for people when you are applying for a loan.This implies that they match a customer to a direct credit provider of choice. Using an efficient online application system,customers do not need to visit the branch, you just apply at the comfort of your own time and place with the documents needed and you can get approved and receive the loan in 48 hours.

Through Just Money, customers can access loan amounts of up to R100,000 with very flexible repayment periods. Just Money can be contacted through various online platforms.