Land bank Agric Financier

Land bank Agric Financier

Agriculture finance is a highly important product offering within the borders of South Africa.This is because Agriculture in South Africa contributes around 10% of formal employment and contributing around 2.6 percent of GDP for the nation.The future of this sector however depends on critical issues such as climate change, population growth, skills, changes in consumer needs and shifts in the global economy and above all ready available finance. One institution that has strategically positioned itself in this regard is the Land Bank.

Land Bank is a specialist agricultural bank guided by a government mandate to provide financial services to the commercial farming sector and to agri-business and to make available new, appropriately designed financial products that would facilitate access to finance by new entrants to agriculture from historically disadvantaged backgrounds.Today, the Bank is a true South African development finance institution that serves all farmers equally.

Products and services provided by this life changing institution  are categorised into business and corporate finance, retail commercial banking, retail emerging markets and land bank insurance.These categories are further divided into long term loans, medium term loans, short term loans, deposits, guarantees, establishment loans, large live stock, instalment finance and special mortgage loans.

Business and corporate finance is divided into long term loans and revolving loan facilities. Long term loans are utilised for agriculture related capital expenditure, permanent working capital and mezzanine type. Revolving loan facilities are tailored for financing of seasonal and cyclical expenditure during the agriculture, economic or business cycle.

Retail emerging markets is a unit that started operating in 2011 with a mission to effectively respond in a sustainable manner to the needs of emerging farmers.This business unit has been mandated to support black emerging farmers by transitioning them to commercialisation within a stipulated timeframe.

Land bank insurance offers insurance to farmers and the overall agriculture sector. Land bank life insurance company secures the well-being of your family and offers you financial peace of mind.This insurance product ensures that your farm gets retained by your family members and that they have the necessary funding and equipment to carry on farming when you are no longer there.

Land bank can be contacted on 0126860500


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