Telkom Mobile Deals

Telkom Mobile Deals

Telkom is a household name. Most of us grew up with a telephone in the house connected to a hand piece and landline, with services provided by Telkom. However, with technology that has drastically changed over the decade, Telkom has also added services to accommodate users.

Telkom mobile deals are simply out of this world. With a competitive market when it comes to mobile services, a customer has the advantage of getting the best deals at the best prices. That is why Telkom has tailored their mobile deals in a way that will suite each costumer’s individual need.

With Telkom mobile, you are able to keep your current mobile number with the mobile number portability service. Whether you are on prepaid, Top Up or on a contract, your peeps will be able to get hold of you when you switch. If you want to become a Telkom mobile costumer, you only need to visit any Telkom Shop and complete an application form. This application process takes about 24 – 48 hours.

Contracts can be complicated, so if you are more a prepaid package kind of client, the SIM-SONKE from Telkom is your best option. You pay only R0, 29 per minute when doing a voice call or pay only R0, 29 per MMS, SMS, or MB of data. Simply incredible. Furthermore, if you recharge with only R5, 00 to R19, 00 you get one night of unlimited calls to a Telkom Mobile number from 7pm – 7am. If you recharge with R20, you can get seven nights of unlimited call to Telkom mobile numbers from 7pm – 7 am.

With Telkom More, if you recharge above R5, 00, you get double your recharged amount that you can use on data, SMSs, calls, or MMs on any network, anytime.

Get to a Telkom Store and switch today and start saving.

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