Real People Loans

Real People Loans

Research has shown that housing is a fundamental bedrock to a better and improved quality of life cannot be underestimated. In other words, having proper housing allows stability in your life, facilitates the storage of your belongings, a foundation from which to look for a job if you are a job seeker, to build from a small house into a better one, and provides stability for your children’s education. It is however estimated that approximately 12 million people are still without adequate housing in South Africa. Current estimates of the backlog stand at about 2.1 to 2.5 million units. Government has continued to provide various subsidies to the poor to aid the housing effort. These initiatives include individual housing subsidies, incremental housing programmes, rental housing programmes and so on. One institution trying to make a difference in this regard is Real People.

The Real People Home Improvement Loan enables you to finance your home improvement requirements. Whether you are adding an extra room, putting in new kitchen fittings, paving your driveway or even painting your home, you can find an affordable, simple finance solution for yourself. For your convenience Real people has agreements with leading home improvement retail stores country-wide, so you can choose where you want to purchase your home-building materials or goods for building, renovating or home improvements.

The Real People Home Improvement Loan can enable you to purchase bricks and cement, roofing material, plumbing material, doors and window frames, fencing and burglar gates, paint, paving and any materials you might need to make renovations or improvements to your home.

This loan facility offers cash from a minimum of R1,000 to a maximum of R120,000 with flexible repayment periods of up to 48 months.This facility comes with a quick and easy application process and credit life insurance which covers you in case of death, disability or retrenchment.

Real People can be contacted on 0861101724.


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