Real People Loans – Giving Real Solutions

Real People Loans – Giving Real Solutions

Purchasing a home is an excellent way of investing as well as ensuring that your family has a roof over their heads, which they can call home. In addition to buying a home, it also requires maintenance from time to time and renovations. Real People Home Improvement Loans are the ideal solution for individuals seeking to create the kind of homes they’ve always dreamed of. 

By enabling clients to finance their home renovation needs, Real People is able to provide affordable solutions. By taking on the task of searching for suitable, reliable, retail stores countrywide, Real People makes this process highly convenient. Clients are then able to simply choose where they want to purchase home building materials. Individuals seeking to paint their homes, or put in new kitchen fittings for example, can rely on Real People to source the best retailers with quality materials and excellent service.

Who can apply for Real People Loans?

Individuals who are permanently employed, self-employed or those employed under contract.

Individuals earning a salary of at least R2000 per month, with an active bank account into which their salary is deposited.

Those between the ages of 18 and 64 years.

In order to apply for Real People Loans, applicants should take their valid South African I.D (permanent or temporary) or a valid drivers’ licence to the store where they apply. They should also provide proof of their most recent payslip. Self-employed individuals need to provide 3 months’ bank statements.

To apply, individuals can simply visit any one of Real People Home Improvement Loans’ participating home improvement retail stores. Alternatively, they can SMS the word “HOME” to 44153 and a consultant will call back.

For real understanding of your home renovation needs, visit Real People:

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