National Housing Finance Corporation

National Housing Finance Corporation

The National Housing Finance Corporation (NHFC) is one of several Development Finance Institutions (DFIs) created by the South African Government to sustainability improve on the socio-economic challenges of the country.  The developmental financial focus of the NHFC is specifically about finding workable models on affordable housing finance for the low- and middle-income target market.

Established in 1996, the National Housing Finance Corporation (NHFC) defines its end-beneficiary target market as “any South African household with a monthly income that is between R1 500 and R15 000, namely, the low- to middle-income household also known as the Gap market.  This is because this market sector is mostly able to contribute towards its housing costs, but finds it hard to access bank-funded housing finance.

As a means of sustaining its funding programs, the NHFC searches for better ways to mobilise finance for affordable housing from sources outside the state in partnership with the broadest range of organisations. The NHFC, in the affordable housing finance market sector, adopts a role of Financier, Facilitator and Innovator, to ensure viable housing finance solutions; growth of sustainable human settlements and mobilization of relevant partnerships, through enhanced insights and knowledge gained.

The NHFC Credit Committee defines the terms and conditions and the required qualifying criteria that must be met for the granting of NHFC housing finance / loan facilities. The qualifying criteria and required supporting documents vary depending on the selected funding program option.

The National Housing Finance Corporation can be contacted on 0116449800.

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