Norufin Housing

Norufin Housing

Housing is at the forefront of the Governments national agenda.The governments goal is to create sustainable housing developments whereby people own their properties.This promotes a sense of pride in their homes, streets and areas and advances the entire community. It is therefore not surprising that at least 2 million people have benefited from the transfer of ownership of 398,000 houses to residents since the dawn of democracy. Government has also gone a step further by creating an enabling environment that allows other industry players to contribute in this regard. One institution that has come to the fore is Norufin Housing.

Established in 1999 and formerly known as the North West Rural Finance Company, Norufin was founded as a retail lender of the Rural Housing Loan Fun (RHLF) to address the housing needs of the lower income sector in the urban and rural areas of South Africa. Its sole purpose is that of enhancing the lifestyles of the low income citizens of South Africa.

Norufin has developed a differentiated set of products and services to penetrate broader and deeper into the urban and rural housing market. In this regard, Norufin has developed non bondable housing related loans. Because of the cultural diversity of the people of South Africa, the majority of people live in rural areas.These so called homes are usually on traditional tribal land, and can therefore not be bonded. The cost of the ground is negligibly low, and through careful planning and cost effective building methods, a structure can be put in place or an existing structure improved for R30,000 or less.The repayment period runs up to 24 months.

Norufin has also signed agreements with building material suppliers, where they supply the clients with the required building materials and payments are made directly to the suppliers.

This business entity can be contacted on 0183819900.

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