How do I Check my Woolworths Credit Card Balance?

How do I Check my Woolworths Credit Card Balance?

As a leading retail outlet in South Africa, Woolworths offers South Africans quality products and services.

In addition to quality products and services, Woolworths offers simple and convenient financial services. Through Woolworths Financial Services customers can access personal loans, the Woolworths Account, or even Woolworths credit cards.

Woolworths Credit Card options are offered as either Black, Silver or Gold Credit Cards.

Benefits of owning a Woolworths credit card:

Black Credit Card-            You get 3% back on your purchases

Gold Credit Card-             You get 2% back on your purchases

Silver Credit Card-            You get 1% back on your purchases

Repayment periods range from 6 to 60 months, giving clients sufficient time to repay the amounts they owe.

You are automatically part of the great WRewards programme and you can earn WVouchers every time you swipe.

You can get up to 8 additional cards at no extra cost.

You get Peace of Mind through the Comprehensive Balance Protection Plan.

You get access to a budget facility which you can use for larger purchases.

How do I check my Woolworths credit card balance online?

You firstly need to log on and register for credit card banking online. Complete the 5 step registration process.

Your access account number is your credit card number as it appears on your credit card. Available at a fixed monthly fee of R15.00, the Woolworths credit card banking online service is easily accessible and convenient to use.

Once you have registered, you have the convenience of transacting or viewing your account from anywhere.  Available 24/7 , the service lets you check your Woolworths credit card balance whenever you need to.

Woolworths credit card tips:

  • You can change your credit card PIN at any Absa branch.
  • You must pay interest on the outstanding balance of your account.
  • Make sure that you manage your account properly to avoid paying interest.
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