FNB debt consolidation

Consolidate debts with FNB’s Debt Relief
Struggling to make monthly repayments on loans and other credit is one-way ticket to being blacklisted. People sometimes find themselves with so much debt that they don’t know what’s what. This makes calculating monthly interest payable on all credit extremely difficult especially with different interest rates. FNB offers debt consolidation loans that can help clients save up to 20% of their money.

A consolidation loan or debt relief from FNB gets rids of all the cluttered payments clients make on a monthly basis and turns it into one. That way, clients see what they are paying and are also able to save money and live a better quality life. With FNB’s consolidation loans clients can get relief and peace of mind knowing where all their money goes.
FNB is one of the banks in South Africa offering the best debt consolidation packages. It helps clients to reschedule and pay according to their budget while increasing their monthly cash flow. To apply for a debt consolidation loan from FNB clients must be South African residents which a valid ID, be permanently employed and over the age of 18. Supporting documents required include a copy of the applicant’s ID, payslip and a three months bank statement.

Debt consolidation is a specialised process and FNB’s top experts know exactly how to help their clients. Clients can find out more about FNB’s debt consolidation packages that suit their needs by calling 0860 100 762. Clients can also visit their nearest FNB branch to get more details or FNB’s website at www.fnb.co.za.

  1. I would like fnb to assist me with debt consolidation/review as i am not managing at all financially. Im an fnb client and wish to be emailed or contacted for assistance on the matter.

  2. Hi, I desperately need help with debt consolidation . Its been a struggle for me for a long time & I’m making small payments to all my accounts but its not helping in any way its like the balances are not decreasing . I’m really desperate as I have been thru 2 salary cuts in the past 5 years & barely just making ends meat . Your help & advise will be highly appreciated.

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