Little Known Facts about Car Insurance Quotes

Little Known Facts about Car Insurance Quotes

Good credit equals a good discount

Insurance companies pull out credit scored to evaluate quotes. The insurer uses credit-based scores to assess the likelihood of claims that are offered. Having good credit scores is one way of showing how responsible the person is and how likely they are to honour his or her payments in the coming future. This is one of a number of factors that is considered when it comes to working out insurance quotes.

Pay complete car insurance and save money

Insurance companies charge a fee to break down your payments into specific instalments. If you choose to pay annually, you can save more. Paying in full reduces your paperwork and risks of cancellations due to non-payment too. An annual payment can also be beneficial to you because you are less likely to forget to make payments, not to mention the peace of mind you’ll have once you have paid.

Loyalty doesn’t always guarantee a discount

It’s common for consumers to stay with the same insurance company for a long time. This however doesn’t mean that your insurance company has your best interests at heart. The insurance company is mainly interested in avoiding having to pay any money out. In fact, insurance companies may automatically raise your insurance premium over the years if you aren’t diligent. It’s important that you compare more than three quotes when it’s time for your annual renewal.

Your belongings aren’t covered even if your car is fully insured

Your car insurance won’t cover any loss of your personal possessions that are in your car in the event of damage or an accident. You need to make sure that you read your policy thoroughly so you know what you are covered for.


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