It’s a well-known fact that young drivers are often charged high car insurance premiums. This is mainly because insurance companies often regard these individuals to be high-risk individuals. They are more likely to have to pay out an insurance amount within the first year of young drivers getting their licence, due to accidents.

What should young drivers consider when they are getting car insurance?

Don’t assume that Third Party insurance is the cheapest. This isn’t always the case.

Remember that Car insurance is all about risk. If you’re a high-risk driver and you add someone who is a much lower risk as a second driver, this can bring your premium down.  Never add someone as the main driver if they aren’t.

Minimise your risk

  • Add a security device – add an alarm system or even an immobiliser to your car.
  • Park your car safely – if you park your car in a garage during the day or at night this could affect your insurance premiums significantly.
  • Try to reduce your mileage – this one can be a tricky one for young drivers, but it can go a long way towards lowering your insurance premiums. By simply driving less you will become a low-risk individual.
  • Go for an extra driving course – going for an advanced driving course could help you.
  • Don’t pimp your car. Remember that modifications are likely to lead to higher premiums.

Never Auto-Renew

Always use comparison sites to get better quotes. You never know how much you are able to save until you compare with other insurance providers.

If you live with your parents, consider multi-policies

This way you can get all cars on one policy. Some insurers allow cars to have separate policies but give a discount as long as the vehicles are in the same household.