7 Car Insurance Quotes Facts

7 Car Insurance Quotes Facts
  1. our personal items lost due to vehicle theft are not covered by car insurance.

Your homeowner policy should cover this. Your car insurance policy is usually only limited to damage caused to your car or theft of your car.

  1. It’s important to read your car insurance policy carefully.

If you purchase a low-risk vehicle and a low-profile vehicle then your car insurance rates will be lower. If you own a high performance car chances are that you will need to pay more in insurance.

  1. Little inaccuracies can make a big difference.

Little things like listing a 4-door vehicle instead of a 2-door vehicle, or listing incorrect mileage can result in a difference in your premiums.

  1. You can insure your car and your home with the same company.

By getting a multi-policy insurance deal you may qualify for lower premiums. Some insurance companies offer their clients significant discounts if they have more than one policy with them.

  1. Your credit score affects your car insurance rates.

Research has proven that there’s a link between your credit score and the likelihood that you will file a claim. Car insurance companies rely on information from your credit score to determine your level of risk.

  1. Many factors can affect your car insurance premium.

There are various criteria used where evaluating and insurance application. Guidelines are different for each company. These could include your age, how long you’ve been driving, where you live and where you park your car. Many companies will look back five or more years when deciding if they want to offer you insurance.

  1. Higher excess can lower your premium

If you agree to pay a longer portion of your own damages, your car insurance company automatically knows they won’t have to pay as much for your claims.

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