Wesbank Account Services puts the control of your accounts into your hands.  You can register via an automated process and have access to your accounts within minutes.

Existing Wesbank customers can register. In addition to providing a range of services such as car insurance, personal loans, vehicle and asset finance, Wesbank puts more control in the hands of its customers. As a Wesbank customer you can benefit from being able to get more control of your accounts by simply registering online.

What your Wesbank Account Number lets you do:

You can view your historical data. You are able to get an account overview as well transaction history. Not only does this help you in terms of budgeting, because you will know exactly how much you are spending, but it also gives you a clear understanding of how your account works.

You can download and request documents. You won’t have to make any branch visits anymore to get access to your documents; you can get everything with the simple click of a mouse.

It lets you update your information

You can view arrangements as well as notifications

Statements are available monthly and the service is available for a monthly service fee of R68.40.

How to register:

Visit the Wesbank website www.selfservice.wesbank.co.za

Register as a Private Individual or Business.

The Wesbank Account Number can be used during the final stages of your finance agreement process. When signing your iContract with Wesbank, you can use your Wesbank Account Number.

In order to sign your contract you will need your ID number, Wesbank Account Number and the PIN you received by email and/or SMS.

Wesbank provides a secure system for completing your finance agreement documentation online.

Call Wesbank on: 0861 288 272

For more information you can also send an email to service@wesbank.co.za