What to Check for in Car Insurance Quotes

What to Check for in Car Insurance Quotes

Getting car insurance is important. Knowing that you are covered for possible risk of theft or damage caused by an accident or fire or hail will give you peace of mind. You can choose to get a quote from an insurance broker, directly from a car insurance provider or even from an online comparison website.

Even more important than getting car insurance quotes is being able to understand the contents of the actual quote.

Is the insurance underwriter registered?

Check with the Financial Services Board if the insurance company is reputable and is a registered financial services provider.

Word of mouth matters

Ask around about service, price and claim settlement turnaround times. Check with your family and friends and also ask an expert if you can.

What is the excess you must pay? Are there additional excesses?

The insurance quote should be clear about excess amounts. This is the amount that you will be liable for paying before your insurance provider settles any claim. If you choose to pay a higher excess amount this could result in you having to pay a lower monthly premium.

Are there any exclusions? Make sure that you read the fine print.

You need to make sure that the insurance cover is adequate for all your needs. You need to make sure that you completely understand what you are covered for.

Are there any security devices required?

Find out if you need to make sure that your car needs to have any security devices fitted.

Can you have multi-policies?

Some insurance providers offer discounts for multi-policies. Find out if you can get a quote for your car as well as your home under one policy.

Are there any No-Claims Rewards?

Find out about No-Claims Rewards and how this affects your quote.

Is the quote accurate according to the information you have provided?

The onus is in you to provide accurate information, but the insurance provider needs to make sure that the quote you are provided with matches the information you have provided.


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