The Bank IT, credit and valuables trading

The Bank IT, credit and valuables trading

The Bank IT is a registered South African financial services institution. Established in 2012, this multifaceted financial house buys diamonds, platinum, gold, precious coins and almost anything that is valuable. Through this financing house, clients can also lay their hands on vehicles, cellphones, fishing equipment, computers and antiques.

The benefits of trading with Bank IT is that they offer an extremely high purchasing price and a free analysis for all items is available. In order to protect the confidentiality  interests of clients, all the deals are conducted in a secure, professional and honest environment.

Perhaps one of the products which have endeared Bank it to the masses are the little cash loans offered. The little loans allow clients to access cash from a minimum amount of R5,000 to a maximum of R500,000. These loans assist thousands of clients meet pressing personal needs like medical fees, education fees, home renovations, vehicle maintenance etc. To qualify for these loans, a prospective customer should have a South African ID, 3 months bank statements, proof of residence, payslip and a bank account where income is deposited and debit orders can be carried out.

The Bank it loans can be accessed by filling in a quick online application form or simply calling 0110295253.

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