Capfin Loans at Pep and Ackermans Stores – Fast, Simple Loans within 5 Minutes

Capfin Loans at Pep and Ackermans Stores – Fast, Simple Loans within 5 Minutes

Capfin is a financial services provider which has identified an unusual way of assisting individuals seeking finance. While traditional lending institutions may expect applicants to provide various paperwork and details before the loan is processed, Capfin has found a way of simplifying this process.

In partnership with one of the leading retail houses in the South African market, Pep Stores as well as Ackermans, Capfin has created a platform for easy access to credit. Financial freedom is offered in 3 easy steps.

Capfin Loans are easily accessible through the 2500 stores of these retailers nationwide.

How does it work?

As a loan applicant, all you need to do is visit any Pep or Ackermans store with your valid South African I.D.

It will be scanned at the tillpoint and you’ll also need to provide your current cellphone number. There is no need to provide any unnecessary paperwork, bank statements or proof of residence as you would be required to produce with other lenders.

Capfin values confidentiality, so clients are sent their approved or declined status discreetly via SMS within 5 minutes of applying. Should you qualify for a loan, a Capfin consultant will call you to discuss your loan as well explain the terms and conditions thoroughly. Your banking details will be confirmed and the consultant will read you the National Credit Act and explain terms to you.

To qualify, you will need to be permanently employed and have income deposited into your account once a month.

How much is offered?

Capfin loans are offered up to R20 000 and they include a discount on regulated fees.

Subject to the signing of a new loan agreement, you can get access to the money you have already paid back.


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