Kathlego loans, quick credit

Kathlego is a Tswana name which means success. The desire to create a successful micro lending firm that responds to the needs of the grassroots population as well as support the development of individuals, families and communities is what brought Kathlego on the scene. This firm is in the business of helping people manage small, unsecured credit when they need it. Kathlego also makes sure that the loans one qualifies for are manageable and easy to understand.

This business approach has led to a wide satisfaction of customers because Kathlego promotes the culture of responsible lending, agreements are made as easy and as straightforward as possible and customers only borrow  what they can afford to pay back. This loan facility allows  first time clients to borrow amounts of money up to R3,000 over three months with an option of additional cash after second repayment is made. This money has assisted individuals and families who are trapped in any financial emergency such as medical treatment bills, unplanned traveling, home renovations or even small wedding party.

To qualify for this finance, a prospective client needs to be 18 years and above, be in possession of a South African ID or passport with valid work permit and have some proof of income. Kathlego ensures that a credit check is conducted after an application is received. A quick application can be done by logging in online.

Kathlego loans can be contacted on 0572125688.

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